We all have that one annoying friend.

You know the one I mean.

She eats whatever she wants and never gets fat.

You on the other hand, only need to look at a piece of chocolate cake and you gain two pounds.

You suspect she’s got a secret she’s not telling you.

You wish you were like her and had the freedom to eat whatever you wanted.

If only there was a way to make it happen…

If you don’t exercise, or didn’t do much exercise as a kid, there’s a good chance that you have a lower metabolism than…

You’re overweight.

You know it. Your friends know it. Your colleagues know it.

Weight has been a life-long issue for you.

You’ve tried various diets but nothing seems to work.

Once in awhile, someone clever says to you, “why don’t you just eat less?”

What a novel idea! Why hadn’t you thought of that before?

But this alone, is terrible advice, and here’s why.

There is a certain logic to eating less and exercising more in order to lose weight.

You do need a calorie deficit in your body to shift the pounds, and 3,500 calories roughly equates to a…

You have an event coming up and you need to lose weight fast.

If you could just drop a few more pounds, you know you’ll be able to fit into that dress.

You scour the internet for solutions, and even your friends offer you some tips.

You stumble on a diet that offers maximum results for minimum effort.

It sounds too good to be true.

But it worked for Beyonce, so why can’t it work for you?

You decide to try it.

After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

I was speaking to a woman who tried the SlimFast…

I was worried.

Before lockdown landed, I had been steadily losing weight with diet and exercise.

I knew there was no way I could keep that up with the lockdown restrictions in place.

I’m just not one of those people that can exercise at home.

And let’s not mention the hours I was planning to binge watch Netflix.

I was in trouble.

I thought all my hard work was about to be derailed, and 2020 was going to be a write-off in more ways than one.

Thankfully, I was wrong.

My natural home-state can only be described as sloth-like.


Oh no, it happened again.

You feel disgusted with yourself as you stare down an empty tube of Pringles.

You know you shouldn’t have, but you did it anyway.

You were bored and there was nothing else to do but head into the kitchen and graze.

Your stretchy yoga pants hide your shame, but you know what’s happening.

You’re getting fat in lockdown and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If only there was a way to snap yourself out of it.

Padding your diet with any lean protein, not just chicken, is going to help keep your overall…

Weightloss Wizardess

Writing inspirational stories for weightloss from my own personal experiences

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